NYCU's single sign-on and third-party authentication service!


For Users

Users no longer need give your username and password to services, just use Login with NYCU OAuth to login. Authentication will be completed within NYCU OAuth, and we'll notify the service that you're authenticated!

What's the best of all this? Your personal information stays in NYCU OAuth, operated by the university's official IT service center, ITSC. ITSC has High SecurityTM in place to protect your data. Only when you authorize us, we will provide your personal data to that service. And you can revoke that access any time!

For Developers

Developers can register their own applications with NYCU OAuth, to enable users to login with NYCU OAuth in your application. All users who have an account on NYCU Portal can become a developer. Simply go to the "Manage Applications" tab to register your applications.

More Personal Data to Choose from

For now, we only provide authentication. In the future, users can choose to authorize applications more kinds of personal data. Users can also authorize only part of their personal data, instead of all-or-none.

More Services

We will work with service providers to widen the availability of NYCU OAuth across more services.